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In the dynamic world of investment, it’s not every day that a launch captures the attention of the media in such a profound way. We at EVIDENT, in collaboration with Anisos Capital Group, are thrilled to announce that our latest fund launch, the world’s first tokenized aviation finance fund, has been featured in over 31 esteemed media outlets, a testament to the innovative approach and potential impact of our newest investment opportunity.

Unprecedented Coverage

From renowned financial newspapers to influential online platforms, the coverage of our fund launch has received a diverse media landscape. This recognition showed the growing interest in sustainable and impactful investments, as well as the innovative use of blockchain technology to enhance investment accessibility and transparency. We’ve been honored with features in various media platforms, showcasing its significance not only in the investment world but also across the aviation and blockchain sectors.

Media Engagement and Perspectives

The launch was featured across financial, aviation, and blockchain news platforms, each highlighting different aspects of the fund’s approach to tokenizing aviation finance. Coverage ranged from the fund’s focus on advancing sustainable aviation finance through investments in next-generation aircraft and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to its strategic use of blockchain technology. Key statements from EVIDENT and Anisos Capital Group leadership, including Dr. Florian Spiegl and Steven Dominique Cheung, were prominently featured, discussing the strategic implications and the fund’s potential to offer attractive investment opportunities in the aviation sector


The Hong Kong government’s news portal, InvestHK, covered and revealed its successful facilitation of EVIDENT Platform Services Limited (EVIDENT) in setting up its global headquarters in Hong Kong. This marks EVIDENT’s launch of the world’s first tokenized private limited partnership fund investing in the aviation sector in partnership with Anisos Capital Group. EVIDENT’s choice of Hong Kong underscores the city’s robust financial market, supportive regulatory regime, and its role as a leading international financial center.

Hong Kong Economic Journal

The Hong Kong Economic Journal reported on InvestHK’s role in aiding EVIDENT, a licensed fintech firm, to open its global headquarters in Hong Kong. EVIDENT aims to pioneer the next generation of blockchain infrastructure for asset management, specifically for managing and distributing alternative assets through tokenization, enhancing investment efficiency, transparency, and market conditions. This development marks a significant stride in redefining investment and asset management in the aviation industry, providing qualified investors access to a traditionally exclusive market.

Hong Kong Commercial Daily

The Hong Kong Commercial Daily highlighted the establishment of EVIDENT Platform Services Limited’s global headquarters in Hong Kong, facilitated by InvestHK. The decision underscores EVIDENT’s confidence in Hong Kong’s thriving fintech ecosystem and the city’s robust financial market and regulatory framework. Dr. Florian Spiegl, EVIDENT’s Founder and CEO, emphasized Hong Kong’s appeal as a premier international financial center with a solid legal foundation, innovation support, and an efficient tax system, making it the ideal place for pioneering digital investment frameworks and connecting issuers with investors.

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Our Vision and Gratitude

This media coverage reflects not just the fund’s objectives and potential but also the broader vision of EVIDENT: to redefine the landscape of investment with transparency, integrity, and innovation. We are deeply grateful to the media outlets for their recognition, and we thank our investors and partners for their support.

For further details on the fund and our initiatives, we invite interested parties to visit or reach out to our investor relations team.