web3 Native

Experts in asset digitization

The EVIDENT platform is built on blockchain technology. We apply the principles of web3 for the digitization of ownership rights to alternative assets. This enables more efficient investment in smaller units with increased security, transparency, and verifiable, legally enforceable proof of ownership.

Your assets, ready for a web3 world

All SPVs on EVIDENT run on a tokenization infrastructure. We leverage the immutability and transparency of blockchain technology to bring its benefits to you.


Assets on our platform are held in conventional SPVs, with ownership records securely kept on blockchain. This ensures enforceable rights following established legal and judicial procedures.


Hold your investments in a secure, decentralized blockchain wallet with optional self-custody, giving you complete control and ownership of your assets independent of EVIDENT.


Transactions are securely executed by smart contracts and settled immediately via a peer-to-peer network, removing transactional risks. Independently verify transactions while maintaining privacy.


A tokenized setup enables our secondary market for trading assets that are traditionally less liquid. Risk-manage your holdings with greater flexibility and take advantage of market opportunities.

Web3 built-in

Transcend traditional investor management and build a powerful supporter base. Programmable tokenized assets allow creative and secure ways of engaging and incentivizing investors.