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EVIDENT is honored to announce its recognition in an InvestHK press release, a significant achievement that underscores our dedication to innovation in the financial sector.

This acknowledgment marks a pivotal moment in our journey, particularly through our partnership with Anisos Capital Group to launch the world’s first tokenized aircraft leasing fund.

This initiative is emblematic of our broader ambition to redefine investment practices within the aviation finance sector and more broadly, demonstrating our commitment to leveraging blockchain technology to increase investment transparency and efficiency.


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Innovation and Partnership CAN go hand in hand: First Asset Use Case

EVIDENT is at the forefront of driving change in the financial landscape. Our collaboration with Anisos Capital Group to develop the tokenized aircraft leasing fund represents just the initial step in our comprehensive strategy to introduce innovative investment solutions.

By harnessing the capabilities of blockchain technology, we aim to establish new standards for investment transparency, efficiency, and accessibility, challenging the traditional barriers that have typically restricted investment opportunities to large institutional investors.

Our choice of Hong Kong as the launchpad for this pioneering initiative was strategic, reflecting our vision for the future of finance. Hong Kong’s acclaimed status as a global financial center, renowned for its robust regulatory framework and thriving fintech ecosystem, offers an ideal environment for EVIDENT to lead advancements in digital asset management. Aligning with Hong Kong’s progressive digital assets licensing framework, we position ourselves at the vanguard of asset management innovation.

The Future with EVIDENT in Hong Kong

The recognition from InvestHK not only celebrates our initiative with the tokenized aircraft leasing fund but also highlights our role in influencing the financial industry in Hong Kong and internationally. It acknowledges Hong Kong’s essential role as a finance hub and a leader in digital asset regulation and fintech innovation.

EVIDENT is proud to contribute to the enhancement of Hong Kong’s fintech sector. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of alternative asset investing through blockchain technology, aiming to impact both the local and global finance landscapes.

We invite our stakeholders to gain further insights into our tokenized aircraft leasing fund and its broader implications for the aviation and finance industries by visiting our blog: Anisos X EVIDENT: First Tokenized Aircraft Leasing Fund.

We are grateful for the recognition from InvestHK and remain committed to our path of innovation, partnership, and leadership in digital finance and blockchain technology. EVIDENT looks forward to continuing to redefine the future of finance with steadfast commitment and professionalism.