Global Expansion and Business Building: EVIDENT’s Worldwide Impact

December 14, 2023
As EVIDENT continues to navigate the complexities of global markets, our strategic growth and activities…
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EVIDENT’s Flagship Event – Mobilizing Capital for Impact

November 7, 2023
EVIDENT and Ben McQuhae & Co recently collaborated to host an impactful event focused on…

Navigating the Future: Insights from HKFTW 2023

November 2, 2023
The Hong Kong FinTech Week 2023 stood as a pivotal event, bringing together a confluence…

EVIDENT Partners with PropCap to Tokenize Green Mortgages

October 30, 2023
Hong Kong startups EVIDENT and PropCap have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to tokenize…
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The Future of Asset Management: Tokenization’s Role

October 26, 2023
The transformative power of asset tokenization is steadily shifting the investment landscape, opening doors for…
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Private Markets Poised to Triple: The Untapped Potential of Retail Investors

October 5, 2023
Private markets, a critical subset of alternative assets, currently stand at a monumental value of…
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The Dawn of Inheritocracy: How the Generational Shift in Private Wealth is Shaping the Future of Investing

October 2, 2023
The world stands on the cusp of an unprecedented financial transition. Termed by some as…
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The Role of On-Chain Capital Formation for the Future of Alternative Asset Investing

September 20, 2023
The Imperative for Actionable Solutions in Private Markets Today In today's landscape, the application of…
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Zero-Knowledge Proofs on Blockchain: Revolutionizing Privacy in Private Wealth Management?

September 19, 2023
Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum is once again pioneering new horizons in the decentralized finance domain.…
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Risk Management in Alternative Assets: Empowering Investors through Transparency and Accountability

September 11, 2023
Investing in alternative assets offers a lucrative but complex landscape, often accompanied by higher volatility…

Compliance and Security in Tokenization: A Pillar of Trust

July 19, 2023
In the exploration of tokenization, understanding what it is, how blockchain plays its part, the…

Getting Started with Tokenization: A Comprehensive Guide

July 18, 2023
After delving into what tokenization is, how blockchain plays a role, and the exciting investment…

Investment Opportunities Through Tokenization

July 17, 2023
The financial landscape is continually evolving, and as we've explored in our previous posts on…

How Does Blockchain Fit In? Understanding the Backbone of Tokenization

July 16, 2023
In the world of digital finance, the term tokenization has surged to prominence, but understanding…

What is Tokenization?

July 15, 2023
What is Tokenization? Tokenization is a term that has emerged prominently within the financial sector,…

Welcome to the Beginner’s Guide to Tokenization

July 14, 2023
Welcome to our beginner's series on tokenization, where we'll help you understand what tokenization is…
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Unlocking the Benefits of SPVs for Startup Founders

June 20, 2023
Introduction Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are not just another financial innovation; they're a pivotal tool…
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Real-World Asset Tokenization and How it Enables Purposeful Investing

June 9, 2023
Defining the Paradigm Shift Impact investing has long been hailed as an exclusive domain, constrained…
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Tokenizing Carbon Credits: The Key to Effective Voluntary Carbon Markets

May 4, 2023
As the world increasingly recognizes the urgency of combating climate change, voluntary carbon markets have…
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First CCER Carbon Credit Forward Contract Tokenized on EVIDENT

April 10, 2023
EVIDENT reached a milestone last year as the first to tokenize a CCER carbon credit…
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Ranked Number 1 in the Algorand Blockchain Technology Pitch Competition

April 6, 2023
EVIDENT wins the global Algorand Pitch Competition, hosted by Algorand in Hyderabad, India. Competing against…
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The New Frontier: Streamlining Asset Management with Digital Investment Structures

February 23, 2023
In the current financial landscape, digital investment structures are disrupting traditional norms. By leveraging asset…
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The EVIDENT Trust and Custody license and how a robust setup helps protect client assets

January 28, 2023
EVIDENT is proud to hold a Trust and Corporate Service Provider (TCSP) license in Hong…

Award winner at IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards 2022

September 20, 2022
EVIDENT just received a Platinum at the IFTA FinTech Innovation and Achievement Awards, Web3 category!…

Product Rollout – Final Phase

April 4, 2022
Great News !! We have launched our¬†marketing website¬†and you can now take a glimpse into…

Product Rollout – Phase 2

March 4, 2022
We are sticking to our original timelines of going live in March. As such, we…

Product Rollout – Phase 1

February 4, 2022
We launched our Evident platform in mid of Jan 2022 for a select group of…

About our platform..

January 4, 2022
At Evident, we believe in providing robust functionalities without making any compromise with user experience.…